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Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, and the best way to appreciate the functions of some of our products is to see how they work and the benefits they can bring to Personal Care formulations. Below is a selection of video demonstrations showing some of our products, how to use them, how they can prevent and solve formulation problems, and how they can give your formulations unique functional and aesthetic benefits. If you would like to see demonstrations of other products please let us know, we are always looking for new ideas to help our customers.

Loading SUNPMMA-P with Active Ingredients


Visit product pages: SUNPMMA-PBuriti Oil, Matilook


Lab Demonstrations:

  • Aston Chemicals — Loading SUNPMMA-P with Active Ingredients (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — Silly Stringy Springy Bath Jelly Putty (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — Silly Stringy Springy Bath Jelly Putty — Filling Technique (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — EPU-2X - A Microsphere for Pressed Powders (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — Introducing a "Fast Absorption Effect" for Lotions by Using Microspheres (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — The Ease of Using Kobo‘s Pigment Dispersions: GLW Series for Oil-In-Water Emulsions (Watch video)


  • Aston Chemicals — How to Create a 100% Naturally Derived, Two Phase Cleanser (Watch video)



Other Videos:

  • Kobo — Kobo Products on Enterprises TV (Watch video)


  • HPCI Poland 2014 — Aston Chemicals discusses the latest trends in cosmetics with Biotechnologia (Watch video)


  • Southern Cross Botanicals — Superox-C, Lime Pearl and Tazman Pepper (Watch video)


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