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Cationic guars are obtained by quaternisation of guar gum. In addition to their thickening properties, these guars derivatives can interact with keratin, providing a conditioning effect on hair and skin.

Non-ionic, hydrophilic guar derivative that acts as an excellent thickener and stabilizer for hydro-alcoholic solutions and emulsions

Hydrophobically modified hydroxypropyl guar which performs as an excellent thickener and as an O/W emulsion stabilizer.

Mild anionic surfactant

Mild anionic surfactant

Eucarol AGE/ET has optimum skin tolerance even at high concentrations, superior mildness to the eye and show foaming properties that are comparatable to traditional anionic surfactants. Ecocert Approved.

Viscolam AT products are ready to use liquid polymers based on the “Hydro Swelling Droplets” concept. Viscolam AT 100 P is pre-neutralised polymer droplets dispersed in an oil phase.

Viscolam CK1 is an alkali swellable emulsion to impart thickening, stabilizing and suspending properties to clear surfactants-based products.


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